6 Natural Ways to Heal Muscle Pain

Trail riding causes muscle pains which is never fun to have. So in order to combat those pains in a natural way, here are some of the natural items you can use:

Essential Oils

There are specific essential oils that have regenerating effects which can help in taking care of the muscle soreness that you feel. Some of these include Lemongrass, Orange, Eucalyptus, Cedarwood, and many others. These can also be mixed with Epsom salt which is also known to help with the muscle sores during baths.


As simple as just getting a heat source and applying it on the pain, it is very helpful in making the pain go away. With the help of low heat, the pain will immediately naturally heal. This is because of the heat’s help in relaxing the muscles which would in turn help in treating the muscle pain and making them go away quickly and naturally.


This is a known natural remedy for a number of people who experience muscle pains. Putting ice packs on the place where the muscles hurt would make it possible to reduce the swelling of the area. If there are bruises, it also helps in reducing them. Ice also acts as an anesthetic which helps in reducing the pain that is experienced by the person.


Cherry Juice

Juice that comes from cherries is known to be one of the high antioxidants that come from nature. Antioxidants are known to help in making the body feel better and healthier. However, cherries are not only known to be natural antioxidants, they are also known to help in reducing muscles pains. With the help of drinking cherry juice, it is possible to reduce the muscle pain your body is experiencing without worrying about bad side effects.


There are some studies that state that when a person drinks coffee before working out, there will be a reduced chance of him getting muscle pains after the workout. Not only does it help in preventing muscle sores, it can also help in increasing productivity which can increase the endurance of the person. According to other researches, caffeine helps in reducing muscle pain for up to 48% for those who have finished working out and have taken moderate amounts of coffee before they worked out.


This is one of the known exercises which does not take a lot of toll to the body and can even help in making muscle pain go away. Since swimming is a gentle activity, the water that pushes against your body will help in soothing the muscles, thus helping the body to tolerate the pain and even help in relaxing the muscles. Many of trail riders who feel pain in their muscles and bodies dip into pools to soothe them and in order to relax their muscles while continuing to do a beneficial exercises to help their body improve.